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Tel. +44 (0)7951 156 918


Registered Office Address

Spirit In Stirrups Limited, 310 Harrow Road,

Wembley (London), Middlesex HA9 6LL, England

Spirit In Stirrups Limited is a registered company in England & Wales (No: 8775514)

Spirit In Stirrups Ltd.

Revelations whispered straight from the horse's mouth

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+44 (0) 7951 156 918

We will travel to your location to deliver our services - for your convenience.  

We will train your staff on-site, or if preferred, arrange for a suitable venue off-site. You decide - we deliver.  For our equestrian customers, we will travel to your yard, allowing you and your horse to remain in a familiar and comfortable environment.

“For myself, Bea helped me gain my confidence again slowly but surely and taught me some valuable lessons on how to achieve my goals. Not only is Bea a great trainer but she also became a great friend.”

(Jay, Personal Development Client)

The company’s mission is to: 


  • develop exceptional leadership and management skills in individuals and organisations,

  • encourage aspiring and established leaders & managers to challenge themselves to ‘think outside the box’

  • develop and establish clear communication in our relationships, including our human-equine partnerships

  • develop and enhance positive, rewarding and safe human-equine partnerships

  • provide continuous life-long learning & development opportunities

Our values are at the very heart of everything Spirit in Stirrups Limited does and are underpinned by biblical principles.


The basic principles are:


  • Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness & Self-control (Galatians 5:22-23)

  • Trust

  • Respect (Proverbs 12:10)

  • Integrity

  • Honesty

Founded in 2013 by Directors Mark and Beate Simpson, Spirit In Stirrups Limited is a West-London based company dedicated to help developing and fulfilling individuals’, businesses’ and organisations’ leadership potential by providing unique and exceptional learning opportunities in both, the equestrian and non-equestrian, business sectors.


Bea draws from a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills gained during careers spanning nearly three decades in various Leadership & Management roles in the public and private sector as well as in the equestrian world. 

She was awarded a Masters of Art in Leadership and Management with Distinction in 2013 and has since combined her passion for life-long learning and development and working with horses, making Spirit In Stirrups Limited a unique consultancy and training provider. 

Bea's equestrian experience spannes over more than 30 years. Having discovered her passion for all things horses at a very young age, she took her 'hobby' to the professional level by becoming an apprentice jockey at one of Europe's oldest and most prestigeous racecourses, Berlin-Hoppegarten, in Germany.  

To broaden her skill set further, Bea went on to work for 18 months at Berlin's Equine Veterinary University as a Veterinary Nurse, gaining invaluable experience and insights in equine health and welfare which have stood her in good stead all throughout her career.

Since relocating to the UK in 1996, Bea has been working in various riding schools as well as coaching private clients and their horses.  

Having always had a keen interest in Natural Horsemanship techniques and keeping an open mind towards alternative approaches in handling and training horses, Bea also trained with Kelly Marks, founder of Intelligent Horsemanship, in 2012.

She recently also trained with and completed the BHS approved Equestrian-specifc First Aid and Safeguarding & Protecting Children courses.


Bea has also a very keen interest in Straightness Training (ST) and is incorporating these techniquest into her equestrian work.  ST addresses the natural physical asymmetry of the horse's body and the specific exercises will help to improve balance, build strength and confidence and will promote physical and emotional well-being, resulting in improved performance. And it's fun and very rewarding along the way.

Graduating from Jockey School with distinction and qualifying as a Specialist for Horse Keeping, Breeding & Professional Rider in 1991, Bea is also a British Horse Society (BHS) Accredited Professional Coach - International Level 2 (equivalent to BHSII).

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